Buy me a pint!

Why should anyone buy me a pint?
I've been running this blog for many years now, and I spent a lot of time writing posts that solve problems for people.  From how to fix error messages on dishwashers, through to explaining what items on credit card statements, through to some just plain bizarre bits of information that my web-stats tell me a lot of folk are finding very useful.  I also have some other sites, like Jekyll Rocks that I use to help people.

I don't do any of this for any specific reward, I just like helping people out, but occasionally it would make me grin like cat with a giant fish if someone bought me a pint to say thank you.  I've set the price at £3.50 because that's roughly how much a pint costs at my favourite Ipswich pub.

To buy me a pint click the 'Buy Now' button below.

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