Thursday, July 22, 2021

DPD app set to porch - DANGER!

Public service announcement about the DPD app!

If you have the DPD app make sure what you have set as your 'safe place'. I had a £430 package stolen from my doorstep a few weeks ago. DPD pointed out that I had 'porch' set as the 'safe place' in the DPD app on my phone. 

There is flat-out no way I would have ever chosen 'porch' as my safe place. DPD won't be drawn on whether 'porch' is the default safe place, but if you have the DPD app I recommend you check.

So why do I know I did not set 'porch' as my safe place?

Not only do I not have a front porch or a front garden, having lived on my street for 20 years I also know that the people who travel through my street will nick anything that's not screwed down. Or in the case of the brass numbers that were stolen from my front door, actually being screwed down is no deterrent.

I contacted DPD and asked what they tell their drivers to do if the safe place is set to porch, but the driver arrives and there is no porch. The answer is they leave the parcel in the street. If it gets nicked, then tough shit, DPD consider themselves to have done their part of the job.

Please don't reply to this post offering advice, believe me, I have tried everything. My only option at the moment is that the thief gets arrested and I am compensated by the thief via a conviction / the courts. The same person who stole my package stole £50 worth of food from our doorstep a few days later.

TL:DR Check what your DPD app has declared as your safe place. If it is set to a part of your property that does not exist (like your porch) then you could find yourself losing out in a big way.

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