Monday, August 17, 2020

Avi's Suffolk Bagels!

My mate Avi Kniznik has started a proper bagel bakery right here in Suffolk. Avi was born in Toronto and grew up there, but moved to the UK when he was in his twenties. He lived next door to me for many years and was always into baking and cooking. I was fortunate enough to be a test subject for some of his baking experimentations.

So when Avi told me he was starting a business making and selling proper bagels I wasn't surprised. In fact I was thrilled. I've been chatting to Avi on the phone a lot recently about his new bagel business and the fillings he's doing are things I've not seen outside of the east end of London. Home-cured salt beef being one of the most notable. There are plenty of vegan options available too. I was quite inspired by Avi's decision to start a bagel business so I interviewed him for my new podcast, you can hear that episode here...

So no matter where in the UK you live, I heartily recommend you buy yourself some proper bagels from Avi (via his website), you won't be disappointed! 

Get yer bagels at

Bagels made by Avi

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