Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Veloballs.com 03/05/14 to 09/09/19

Ignore this post, VeloBalls is very much alive. This was posted during a brief hiatus when the site was out of action for a bit. VeloBalls is BACK!

Go now! https://veloballs.com/

Five years ago I started a cycling website called VeloBalls.com and I've got to say, it was pretty great.  It also spawned a cycling discounts site called Lucky8.  A whole ton of brilliant people wrote blog posts and reviews for VeloBalls.com and for a few years it was bipping along nicely.

But is is the way of these things interest dried up a bit, both from the visiting public and from the contributors.  Now five years later I find myself busier than ever with the company I run and sadly VeloBalls.com has gone to seed a bit.  So I've taken the bum decision to shut it down.  Below are links to archived versions of some of our most popular posts.

So thank you to everyone who got involved, you are marvellous.

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