Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Huel Discount Voucher UK

Huel Discount vouchers can be a little tricky to come by.  Each time you search for one you'll find tons of coupon codes for the USA.  But this code is exclusively for the UK.

Click the link below and enter 'Andrew Laws' when asked the name of the person who referred you.  You will get £10 off your first order.  You will also get a free drinks bottle and free tee shirt from Huel so it's pretty good value!

Click here to go to Huel then enter 'Andrew Laws' as your friend's name when prompted and get £10 off your first order...

Huel - why I love it.

Huel is loved by many people because it's so convenient, but there's more to it than that for me.  I have very little time in the mornings when trying to get my daughter ready for school so the convenience does help me.  But I also kinda hate eating breakfast.  I know I need to but nothing I ever tried sat right in my belly so early in the morning.  I can quite happily sip at Huel and it sustains me until lunchtime.  I have IBS so that informs my choice of some foods.  Huel is a positive choice I make.  It's also pretty bloomin' delicious!

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