Tuesday, July 31, 2018

My 5yr old's first mixed-media artistic statement

This post was originally published on my CrudDad blog on 13th December 2016

I've been making music for most of my life and ever since my daughter was born music has been a large part of her life.  Whether she wanted it to be or not.

We have hi-fi speakers in every room of the house and the radio (BBC 6Music) is on from the moment we wake up until bedtime.  I play in a couple of bands, my wife plays the piano and there are always instruments strewn around the house.  We recently got a £20 piano from Gumtree and it has been fascinating listening to my girl's abilities develop.  At first all the tunes she played were random stomps of the keys, but that soon morphed into repetitive 'loops' and now there are even hints of melody.  Considering the fact we live in a victorian terrace house with paper-thin walls I'm sure the neighbours are appreciative of this speedy development.

A few weeks ago I bought a small midi keyboard and attempted to teach myself how to make music using GarageBand.  GarageBand comes with a lot of pretty decent virtual instruments straight out of the virtual box.  It didn't take my daughter long to find out that by playing short key repetitions she could make music.

I'll be honest, the music she makes is not entirely to my taste; she appears to want to emulate the free-jazz musicians of the mid 1960s.  But it is music.  Music made by a five year old.

Having the music wasn't enough for our little creator, she wanted to make a video to accompany her composition.

So for your viewing and listening pleasure I proudly present my daughter's first publicly available art:

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