Sunday, May 21, 2017

Guitar FX pedals and other bits for sale

I'm having a clearout of gear I don't use any more.  While I love collecting anything musical I live in a tiny hovel and need more space.  So if you fancy buying any of these pedals get in touch.

All the pedals have lived in a pedal board when in use, so are in good condition.  Each pedal has fuzzy velcro strips on it, it's easy enough to peel off but I've left if on in case the buyers also use pedal boards.  I've priced each item as cheaply as I can.  The prices include postage by recorded delivery.

Ernie Ball volume pedal
I loved this volume pedal.  It's built like a tank!  This is not the cheaper Ernie Ball VP JR, it's the real deal.  New this pedal costs upwards of £175.

Electro Harmonix Nano Small Stone
Tidy little phaser pedal.

Electro Harmonix Freeze
Not sure how to describe this pedal.  You stand on it and it captures whatever sound you're making at the time and sort of loops it.  But it's not a looping pedal, it's a 'sound retainer'.  It might be best if you look at this on the Electro Harmonix website...

T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior
I've only had this a few weeks, and still have the box for it, but as I don't use a pedal board any more I don't have any use for it.  I was seriously impressed by this power supply.  If you've ever had a pedal board set up you'll know how much they hum.  Well this power supply stops that unwanted hum entirely.  This power supply is brilliant, I'm very impressed.  When I bought this I also bought a five metre long power cable, so I'll include that for free.  A five metre power lead makes the world of difference on stage!

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-12
This is just a few weeks old.  I bought it out of curiosity but don't really have any use for it.  What an idiot.  The PO-12 is a step sequencer / drum machine / groove box / noise maker.  It's a ton of fun.  I'm selling this with the optional silicone case, hence the price.  This little battery operated synth is a ton of fun!

Dr.FART sequencer
Circuit bent fart machine.  More fun than you might think!  Alas, I have no need for a fart sequencer in either of the bands I play in.  My bandmates have made that quite clear.  This dumb little thing was made by Psychiceyeclix.  A little warning if you're going to look at the creator's website, it may give you a migraine.

Pedal board
Kingsmen pedal case.  I have used this for a few years so it's not brand new, but is in good nick.  Hinges and clasps are fine.  It has stickers on it because this type of pedal case is really popular and at the end of a gig it's hard to tell which pedal board is yours unless you make it look different!

Akai Midi controller
Nice little midi keyboard with an arpeggiator.  I barely used this because Arturia kindly sent me a fancy midi controller to review.  There's more info on this keyboard here.

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