Saturday, December 24, 2016

My Christmas gift this year was someone driving into my parked car. Again.

My Christmas treat this year was to have someone drive into my parked car last night. No details left. This is the fourth or fifth time my car has been damaged in this way outside my house.

Two previous cars have been written off while parked outside my house. All vehicles I owned have been damaged outside my house. It's not just damage from being struck by other vehicles; the pavement side gets vandalised by pedestrians teaching us valuable lesson about parking on the pavement, even although the pavement on the other side of the road is wide and entirely clear of obstacles.

Not everyone on our side of the road takes in their wheelie bins, so the pavement on our side of the road really is restricted.

So what's the answer? Not owning a vehicle? Well I didn't own my own car for many, many years. But I was struggling to run my business in a professional manner as I was often unable to travel to see clients. Then my girl got assigned a school two and a half miles from where we live, and I've got to get her there somehow. Or get fined for being late.   I looked into buying a cargo bike so I could cycle the girl to school, but they cost considerably more than my car did.

We can't move house for many many reasons. In fact we don't want to move house because we have built our lives here in this neighbourhood for the last twenty years.

So we just put up with vandalism and try not to get frustrated with inconsiderate drivers.

So this Christmas it is worth remembering that while almost all humans are excellent there are also those who have moments when they are total and utter inconsiderate and dishonest shits.

But I'll be damned if I'm going to let them drag me down.

Here's my road.  That's my car on the left.  Note the nice clear pavement on the left.

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