Saturday, December 31, 2016

Golden Panda (Woodbridge) Chinese Menu

Chinese menus - still occasionally hard to find!

I wrote a blog post a few months ago expressing my surprise at how hard it was to find Chinese restaurant menus when far from home.  I was on holiday in Cumbria and ended up posting the menu for a great Chinese Takeaway in Grange over Sands.

A few days ago I was visiting my parents near Woodbridge (Suffolk) and we decided to get a Chinese Takeaway.  Being local my parents know that the Golden Panda in Woodbridge has an excellent reputation.  The reviews on Google Maps are great! But there was just one problem, we didn't have a menu.  So we looked online and not only could we not find a proper website for the Golden Panda in Woodbridge, we couldn't find a copy of the menu anywhere online.   This was a bit of a surprise because most of the other Chinese restaurants in Suffolk have their menus online, not normally on their own website but on one of the many websites that displays only menus.

If you find this menu useful please feel free to buy me a pint...

Golden Panda Chinese Takeaway menu.

So here it is, correct as of today, the menu for the brilliant Golden Panda in Woodbridge. Click the menu pages to viewer a larger version.  Alternatively download the pdf menu (1.4mb)...

Why do I upload Chinese Takeaway menus to my blog?

Part of the reason is that when I post something useful on this blog people send me £3.50 via PayPal so I can buy myself a pint.  I started letting people buy me a pint a few years ago, because I knew people appreciated the time I take to post some of the information I have here on this blog.  If you would like to buy me a pint please click here...

Most of the most popular pages on this blog relate to information on fixing the Bosch Classixx dishwasher.  In fact that page was viewed over 12,000 times in 2016!  I'm very grateful to the ten of fifteen people who bought me a pint after reading the page!

So there's your answer hopefully, I post Chinese Takeaway menus if they can't be found anywhere else online because I like to be helpful!

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