Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I just received the strangest cold call ever

My landline phone just rang, it was a 'private caller' (so number withheld) but I'm a curious sort of fellow so I picked it up anyway.  We have a call blocker, so we don't get tons of spam calls.

The chap at the other end asked me if I could do him a quick favour.  'Sure' said I, and he asked me to tell his son Raveen to revise, then passed the phone to his son.  Here's roughly how the conversion went,

ME - So your dad tells me you need to revise, what are you studying?

RAVEEN - GCSE biology and science.

ME - Oh, neat.  How is it going?

RAVEEN - Not very well, I get ungraded in all my tests and works.

ME - Oh I see, what does the teacher tell you is the problem?

RAVEEN - Teacher says I'm a lazy shit.

ME - Well that's not very friendly is it.

RAVEEN - No...

ME - Well I have no idea who your dad is, how he got my number, or why he thinks I should tell you to revise.  But I'll be honest with you, I didn't revise at school and didn't do very well at all with my GCSEs.

RAVEEN (sounding uncomfortable) - Oh?

ME - I didn't revise very much at all.  But I turned out okay.  It's important to do your best at school but I guess school just isn't for everyone.  It could be worth revising a but harder, but ultimately if you're smart then you'll probably be fine...

So that was odd.  I'm not sure I helped very much.  The whole time I was on the phone I was expecting there to be some sort of spammy or scamming angle but I just couldn't find it.

Has anyone else had calls like this?

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