Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Amber Court (Grange over Sands) Menu

Chinese Takeaway Menus are where?

Takeaway menus aren't something I've massively focussed on with this blog over the years.  The content here is random, but is usually along a theme, so why am I posted about the menu for The Amber Court in Grange over Sands?  Well I'll explain why this menu is here shortly, but for those of you who have found this blog post while searching for the Amber Court Menu here it is. So if you want to know why I've posted this menu then scroll down for the explanation.

Oh, and if you have found this information useful please feel free to buy me a pint...

Amber Court menu page 1 - click to enlarge
Amber Court menu page 2 - click to enlarge

The Amber Court Chinese Takeaway menu - why?

A lot of the posts on this blog are experiments in SEO ranking.  If I find a keyword or asset within a niche that has almost no competition to rank I can rarely resist the urge to get a page ranked, just for fun.  I try to be helpful at the same time, which is why I have pages on how to fix dishwasher errors and how to fix faulty Baxi DuoTec boilers.

Last week I was on holiday with my family in Grange over Sands, in Cumbria (the Lake District).  One evening we fancied getting a Chinese Takeaway instead of cooking.  There are two Chinese takeaways in Grange over Sands, so we used Google to try and find a menu for either takeaway.  We failed.  I was amazed that all we could find were Trip advisor (and similar sites) with many contradictory reports for both establishment.  It would have been vastly preferable to choose our Chinese Takeaway based on the menus, but in the end we took pot luck and chose The Amber Court (on Main Street) based on, well, based on nothing.

The food was good.  But how come the owners of either Chinese Takeaway in Grange over Sands haven't put their menus online?  It's really not that much of a challenge these days.  Admittedly I would believe this because I am involved in Internet Marketing on a daily basis, but I'm amazed that some business owners still haven't grasped how to exploit the Internet to bring themselves new customers.  At the very least takeaway owners can start a Facebook page and upload their menus.  It's that easy.

This blog post is by no means an attack on The Amber Court, the staff were great, the food was lovely and the prices reasonable.  I'd heartily recommend a visit if you find yourself in Grange over Sands.  They do have a copy of their menu online here, but they haven't linked to it from anywhere, and in terms of SEO it's never going to rank.

Failing to rank your own business isn't just a matter of failing to bring in new business, it's also potentially putting your business in a dangerous position.  If your competitors can rank pages for your brand above your own website then the first information potential customers see will be out of your control.

So to conclude I posted the menu for The Amber Court primarily out of a desire to help anyone else in the Grange over Sands area who is looking for the menu online.  But secondly I posted this menu to show just how easy it is to put useful information online.  I scanned the menu using my iPhone then wrote this blog post.  It took a handful of minutes.  Anyone business owner can do the same.

Update - 24th September 2019
This post has been up for nearly three years now and is still visited thousands of times a year.  If you are the owner of The Amber Court Chinese Takeaway please get in touch and I'll do what I can to make people find your actual menus instead of the menus that I scanned when I was visiting.  Down here in Ipswich most takeaways use Deliveroo or Just Eat, or Uber Eats or one of the other many food delivery services to share their menus.


  1. Hi Andrew, unfortunately up here in grange we have no delivery services, deliveroo, just eat or any similar 😓 but yes a menu on line would be an advantage

  2. Very helpful, thank you. We will give it a try this evening.