Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Acropats - the kid's toy that grows with your child!

A good friend of mine has turned the patent he invented into a fantastic creative toy called 'Acropats'.  My daughter has had the prototypes for Acropats for a couple of years and really loves them.  They're one of those amazing creations that grows with your child.  Not just as the creators friend, but as someone who encourages innovation and creativity I heartily recommend you buy a child a set of Acropats!

It has been fascinating seeing how my girl's interaction with these toys has developed as she has grown up.  When she was tiny she enjoyed the tactile nature of Acropats, as her motor skills improved she was able to start linking the figures together.  As my daughter's creative side blossomed Acropats became a construction toy.  I love seeing what she's going to build next.

Since getting our set of Acropats they have always been 'in play' in some way.  I very much recommend buying a set.  The price is a lot more reasonable than a lot of other toys and they've lasted a LOT longer than some of the 'big brand' toys that have been bought for my girl.

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