Sunday, November 08, 2015

Felixstowe Skatepark - there will be blood

Felixstowe Skatepark

Skateparks in Suffolk are great, so is Felixstowe, usually...

This morning's father / daughter skatepark adventure lasted 11 seconds. We arrived at Felixstowe skatepark with the place to ourselves, she promptly fell off her scooter and landed on a bit of glass that cut the palm of her hand.  We cleaned up in the baby changing room at Morrisons but mutually agreed to abandon play.   Although the cut on my girl's hand was clean it was bleeding pretty well.

My daughter and I have been waiting for what seems like a long time for the rain to clear,and the ground to dry out so we could go skate, so we were both a bit gutted that the careless stupidity of someone else stopped us.

The last time I skated at Felixstowe I spent an age clearing up bits of glass and other detritus, I think I might take a broom with me next time and do everyone a favour but having a whip around the place.

And that right there is one of those moments when I realise I'm both an adult and a parent. I'm back from a skate session and talking about my desire to do civic housework, rather than talking about the rad moves I busted on my board. This might also be because RAD moves aren't really my forte.

My girl is fine. She's very much the type of child that doesn't let a little thing like minor injuries in the pursuit of fun put her off anything.  One of the personality traits she has inherited from me.  One that I admire, but does trouble me a bit.

All things considered Felixstowe skatepark is still my favourite skatepark (so far).  We're yet to visit the skateparks in Stowmarket, Hadleigh, Bury St Edmunds or Woodbridge but the layout of the Felixstowe skate park is going to take some beating.

Felixstowe Skatepark - albeit with some profane graffiti photoshopped out.

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