Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Get GRAZE snack boxes for free!

In this blog post I'll reveal how to get free Graze boxes without having to use any dodgy discount / voucher code websites!

Graze boxes - what are they?

If you work in an office in the UK there's a very good chance you already know the answer to that question.  Graze snack boxes aren't so much a craze as they are a standard part of office equipment.  If you work in a large office complex and you'll spot desks that not only have the standard computer monitor, pens, bottles of water but also have a Graze box like the one shown on this post.  Actually the snack boxes you'll see will probably be VERY much like the one shown at the top of this post, which is empty!  But if you don't work in an office then you might not have heard of Graze before.  Graze is a service that sends you boxes of snacks through the post.  Each snack box contains four pods, each pod has a different snack, each snack is healthy, fresh and good for you.


Why are Graze snack boxes considered to be the 'social snack?'

Because they're impressively creative and tasty!  Well obviously there's more to the 'Graze craze'  than taste, no matter how nice these snacks are there's some really neat technology behind the organisation that keeps the company as a serious contender in the crowded snack market.

First of all there's the clever marketing, anyone who receives Graze boxes can 'gift' a free box to anyone using vouchers.  Every loves free, but also everyone loves being seen as a trendsetter.  One free snack box discount code between friends can quickly spread the Graze brand from one company department to the next, and ultimately from one company to the next.

The genius goes further that an abundance of free vouchers; with social media Graze customers can get free boxes by simply tweeting or otherwise spreading the message through their social channels.  If I receive a particularly nice surprise in a snack box then I'll probably tweet about it, if I include my referral link and one of my followers clicks the link to get a free box then I also get a free box.  Neat.  If you want to get yourself a free box right now CLICK HERE...

According to my daughter empty Graze pods also make good boats for Elephants.

Graze know what you like

When Graze box recipients visit the Graze website they are given the opportunity to rate the snacks they have received.  The more you rate, the more focussed on your tastes the snackboxes you receive will become.  I'm not sure how many people actually make the effort to rate their boxes.  I get at least one snackbox a week and it's pretty rare that I get sent a snack I wouldn't wish to receive again.

The reason I have no cause to complain is that the creativity behind the food creations that arrive in these boxes.  Rather than choosing the 'standard' box I joined the 'light' menu - despite the fact all the snacks I receive are below an impressively low calorie threshold there are none that are bland.

Like a lot of blokes I'm not really watching my weight, but knowing that I can gorge on everything that arrives from Graze without worrying about needing to buy larger trousers is a good feeling.

My review (sort of).
I work at home a lot of the time, and food is an important part of my day.  When you work at home there are very few events during a day to break up your day - if you work in an office people come and go, jokes are told, woes are shared.  Life is all around you.  Homeworkers do not get this.  So I welcome any surprises that can help break up my day, and opening my Graze box each week is a very pleasant surprise indeed.

In summary, if you like food like the idea of tasty snacks dropping through your letterbox (or being placed on your desk by the office mailman) then click the link below to get a free box.  There are other sites who give away voucher codes and discount coupons for Graze boxes, but by getting your freebie by clicking the link here on my blog you'll be saving yourself the hassle of giving away any of your personal details to any of those voucher sites.  You'll also be helping me get a free lunch, and for that I'll always be grateful!


P.S the special offer for free snackboxes changes occasionally, so you might actually get more than one box for free!

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