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Breakfast ideas for kids

Kids don’t bother about nutrition being present in their meals.

They just don’t bother whether the food or meal that they are consuming is healthy, or is providing them the proper required nutrition which is essential for their adequate evaluation. No, they don’t waste their time griming over such issues and rightly so. Why would they when they have their parents to worry about stuff like that. So in simple terms, if parents desire to provide their children with the proper nutrition in their meals, then they will have to pull up their stock and smarten up a bit. They have to pester their brain cells to come up with innovative ideas in providing their children the proper needed nutrition in their meals. They have to strike a balance between selecting meals which provide the much needed protein and energies as well as that which appear to their children as something tasty and which they are willing to consume or eat on a daily basis. These parents have somewhat got their work cut out, but for the sake of their children they are willing to go to any extent just to make them healthy.

The clever ideas that work
One important aspect for healthy meals and a healthy life is to pick and choose from all the groups or cluster of foods available. Some of the essential and popular Breakfast Ideas For Kids, which would more often work are distinctively highlighted below:

  • Eggs are a must for every breakfast meal.
  • Fruit smoothie, such as a strawberry smoothie. Or a mango smoothie is also a very healthy and tasty way to begin a Children’s’ day.
  • Cold milk, cereal, cornflakes etc. are also not a bad idea.
  • Warm cereal more precisely like oatmeal, cream of wheat with some dry kind of  fruits and nuts on the top as dressing etc. is also not a bad idea to serve children
  • Try out Waffles, French toast, pancakes (try wheat or whole-grain varieties). They are equally tasty as well as healthy.
  • Bagel, whole-grain toast or cheese crested with puffed up English muffins is also very tasty as well as very healthy.
  • Yogurt with fruit fillings or Fruit cakes with nuts is also not bad.
And now for the bizarre (but yummy) ones:
  • Banana dog with the main component being a banana, peanut butter, and whole-grain bun dressings.
  • Taco fragmented with cheese in the tortilla, enveloped in half and then micro-ovened is also not a bad idea to serve children in the morning.
  • Country cottage cheese assembled with delicious cottage cheese and apple butter. Is also not bad
  • Fruit and cream cheese sandwich comprising of cheese, and various fruits.
  • Grilled cheese sandwich, or sandwich with peanut butter and jam.

Include various other ingredients
Like in every meal parents should also include these items in their children’s diet good health and effective nutrition. Parents must also keep in mind to include a regular dose of other pre-requisites such as a fresh dose of fruits, various dairy or milk products such as low-fat cheese, fat free milk and yogurt. They can also include in their children’s diet various green vegetables and grains. But make sure to use it in a manner that the children don’t recognize, because if there is one thing to know about children, it is that they hate green vegetables. So their parents have to use it cleverly to feed them. Following these breakfast ideas for kids will help them get the necessary proteins and nutrition in a very yummy manner.

Influence of parents is crucial
As grownups, we can easily make our preferences to have food which is yummy and nutritiously effective, but small kids cannot do that. They can be very choosy eaters, enjoying meals which are easy on the palate. It takes real composure and patience as well as a proper strategy to get children to eat a wide variety of nutritious foods. Parents have the most essential influence in their kids’ lives. Formulating healthy and nutritious meals regularly and favoring physical hobbies in their pastimes are the two important aspects that parents usually want in the lives of their children. Picking food from all different food clusters is the real secret to healthy eating and healthy lives of kids.

Some good and delicious breakfast ideas for children are highlighted below:
Children today are very careless. They eat almost anything that tastes good.  They actually give two hoots to the availability of nutrition, energy and protein stuff. As long as it is good to eat, that is all they consider. Thus, it is the parents who have to look into these matters. Some parents go for the regular breakfast meal usually comprising of eggs, French toast, pancakes, various nutritious cereals, milk (warm or cold), fruits, and fruit cakes specifically homemade, oat meals etc. Some parents even innovate a little by including in the kids meals-dry fruits, green vegetable sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, healthy fresh green vegetable or fruit salads. These are tasty as well as rich in proteins. It is also seen that many parents use un-conventional ingredients in their children’s morning meals such as butter, cheese tacos cooked in microwaves, various energy drinks such as Complan, Horlicks, Bournvita, yogurt, apple butter, peanut butter, brown bread sandwiches, various wheat chapattis and rotis etc. The main thing that parents usually concentrate is to serve light food to kids for their breakfast and these ingredients are just the perfect thing for them. Not only are they light, but they have loads of proteins in them and most importantly, they taste really good which believe it or not, is what most kids want in their meals.

Some parents even include ingredients such as-

  • Protein (meat, eggs, dry beans, seeds, poultry, fish, nuts, and seeds)
  • Dairy products (fat-free milk, low-fat cheese, and yogurt)
  • Grains

Planning what to give children for breakfast or for any meal is very troublesome. So one has to be very smart when picking the meals for kids so that they would get the benefit as well as they enjoy their meals. These are some breakfast ideas for children that one must keep in mind:

Plan to go for protein - Various nutritionists are of the opinion that eating breakfast results in better cognitive effectuation throughout the day and minimum weight procure over the passage of time. To make it possible, one important element is the protein, which enables long-lasting energy. Another good choice is peanut butter on an English whole-grain muffin.

Sugar assists in lowering down fiber - A few cereals contain that extra added sugar, which quite surprisingly is believed to contain real health benefits: A helping of Frosted Mini-wheat, for example, contains a staggering 6 grams of fiber, which dietitians would say assists in making up for the 12 grams of sugar per serve.

Try the use of sweet cereals like a dressing - Adding a little Cap'n Crunch, along with 12 grams of sugar and 1 gram of fiber, over the scrapping of wheat, without sugar and 5 grams of fiber, results in a tasty and nutrition filled bowl of breakfast.

Be extra careful about the substitutes of sugar- A few cereal enterprises or manufacturing houses are substituting sugar with false sweeteners just to say that their product has a minimum concentration of sugar. As per the theories of Tara Gudis, a registered dietitian as well as an eminent spokesperson from American Dietetic Association. Consuming very sweet food, even if it is unnaturally sweetened, is not a good idea, Gudis holds the view that, because people ,especially children get used to highly sweet meals, they're very less likely to consume a nutrition based  meal or healthful diets.

Try to be unconventional - Leftover or remaining pizzas or pastas results in a wonderful breakfast choice, according to nutritionists. They are of the opinion that with these leftovers if   a piece of fruit and a glass of milk is added then the morning breakfast is good to go. The kids are bound to like this.

Thus the above mentioned article highlights a very important fact that children are not like us who have the sense to understand that the meal they're eating whether it’s healthy or not. The parents have to take the responsibility of giving them the required nutrition in their meals and pave their way towards a healthy life.

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