Saturday, March 08, 2014

Would you like a BIKE PUNX tee shirt?

I'm thinking of getting a limited run of Bike Punx tee shirts printed, either with a just the 'Bike Punx' logo across the breast or with an illustration that I'll have commissioned from this artist (who I've worked with before).

The shirts would be printed on Gildan Heavy (very hard wearing, long-lasting and ethtical) and would cost between £12 and £15.  The shirts would most likely be black, but if I'm not hearing a lot of enthusiasm for black there are plenty of other colours we can have made.  I've been involved in custom clothing and promotional goods for very long time so this isn't a case of me just 'having a go' at making cool clothing.  I'm also considering hoodies, which again will be Gildan and would cost about £30.

So would you be interested in buying one of my shirts?

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