Friday, March 07, 2014

How to send emails from other email addresses in Hotmail

Yeah okay so it's not called Hotmail anymore, but it'll take us all years to start calling it Outlook.  I'm not too bothered really as I use Gmail (which I consider to be far superior) but I acknowledge that Hotmail does have a lot of users, which is why I'm writing this little tutorial.

NOTE - for these instructions to work you need to have already set up your forwarding email addresses with your web host or domain registrar.

Why would you want to send an email from Hotmail and have it appear to have come from a different address?

When some of my clients set up a new website they want to be able send emails that appear to have come from their business address.  For example if a client had set up a new business called 'Ice Cube Collector' (for example) and was using the hotmail address they wouldn't want their customers to receive business emails from they would want them to appear to have been sent from (for example).

Instructions - setting up a 'send from' email address in Hotmail / Outlook:

1. Click the wee cog on the top right of the Outlook site

2. Click 'More email settings'

3. On the next page click 'Your email accounts'

4. In the 'Add an email account' section you'll need to click 'Add a send-only account'

5. Click the 'Advanced options' link underneath the Account info boxes and select the option 'Send emails using's server'.  Now there is a chance that a few people might see your hotmail address, but in our experience almost nobody does, at worst they'll see 'send on behalf of'.

So your page should look something like this, if it does then click the 'Next' button:

6. Outlook will now ask you to verify your email address... 

...which is fair enough, just click 'Go to your inbox button and your confirmation email should be waiting for you.

You might see a message saying that Outlook isn't too sure the message is kosher (even although they sent it!) so you may be asked if you're sure you want to click the verification link, which of course you are sure.

Once you've clicked the link you'll see a message informing you that your new 'send as' address has been set up.  Don't worry too much about the second line in this message, this is just a reminder that in order for you to receive emails sent to this new address you'll need to set it up wherever your hosting or domain registrar is.


Now when to go to write a new email in Hotmail / Outlook you'll see a drop-down box next to your name that gives you the option to send an email from one of your other addresses.  I've smoooshed out my addresses so wronguns don't get hold of them, but hopefully you get the idea here.

Here's how the email looked when it arrived in my Gmail account:

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