Friday, March 07, 2014

How to get your music into iTunes and onto the Amazon MP3 store the RIGHT way.

I seem to have written far too many zine columns about the fact that nobody really needs to get signed to a record label these days.  Admittedly getting signed to a label will definitely open doors for you, but on the whole why would you want to give away 95% of your royalties to a record label?

Getting your music into the most popular distribution channels (Amazon, iTunes etc) is really easy, but there are many different people offering this service for varying amounts of money but in my opinion there's only one way to do this correct.

The right way to get your work online.

I recommend Tunecore for getting your work into the right places because their reporting is brilliant, the interface easy to use and the promotional opportunities are great.  I used Tunecore when I ran my own record label and the reporting made paying royalties a LOT easier!

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