Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Digitech Bass synth wah bass envelope filter FX Pedal - FOR SALE

I'm selling this Digitech Bass synth wah bass envelope filter pedal.  It has several unique sounds, ranging from boingy bouncy synth to a sound not unlike a sub-bass (well it's 'OctaSub' technically).

I was playing a lot of fairly funky music when I bought this pedal (for about £80!) but these days I'm playing far heavier stuff, so wanting to replace this pedal for something fuzzy.

This pedal has lived in my pedal board for as long as I've had it, and has had an easy life.

I'm up for swapping this pedal for something like an ElectroHarmonix Bass Big Muff.  So if you're going from metal to funk then maybe we can trade?

Update 12th March 2014
This pedal is now SOLD.

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