Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What is 'payatrader' on card statement?

This isn't the first time I've posted a blog as the result of trying to figure out what a payment is on my credit card or bank statement (remember Abbey DMO?).  It's now a well-established fact that sometimes the name shown on a statement for a purchase may bear little resemblance (if any) to the name of the business you have purchased from. The most extreme example I know of was Anglia Railways, when I bought tickets from the ticket office in Ipswich the payment would show up on my statement as 'Norwich  Sports Ltd'.

So what is payatrader?

A few days ago I bought something from a small local shop and had a chat with the business-owner about the neat little credit card machine they had.  This little payment system didn't have a printer, instead it was fitted with a sim card and when customers requested a receipt it arrives via SMS on their cellphone.  'Payatrader' is the facilitator of this system, you can find out more about them HERE... You might recognise the look of the card reader.

So if you've seen Payatrader on your statement think back, have you recently bought something at a trade show or craft fayre?  Or have you bought something from a small independent store?

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