Sunday, November 10, 2013

GETTING IT - out now on Amazon!

My first full-length novel is now available in the Amazon Kindle store.  'Getting it' was written a couple of years ago but as I own the rights I decided to get it re-published in order to give myself and my writing a good kick up the bum.  I'm 90% through the first draft of a new novel that I hope to complete early next year.  If you've read my short stories or any of the columns I've written for various zines over the years then hopefully you'll get a chuckle out of 'Getting it'.

The story's central character is someone who has bought into the ideas of enlightened modern living little too enthusiastically and has dedicated his life to bettering the lives of his friends.  His friends aren't feeling the benefit.  Even although the main female lead is a lass who grew up on in the Australian outback I've had to convince several friends that they don't star in this story.  This novel is a romance at heart, but the sort of slightly mussed up romance that Nick Hornby, Mike Gayle or Matt Dunn might write.

You can buy the book for searching for it on your Kindle, or by visiting your 'local' Amazon store using the appropriate link below.  Getting reviews on Amazon is crucial to authors, so once you have read the book (or if you have read in the past) before I'd REALLY appreciate a review, especially on

Ta stars!

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