Saturday, October 26, 2013

The right shorts for lunch - my new book of short stories

Following on from the surprising reception my first Kindle book 'A multi-story tale of NCP Car Park hell' enjoyed I have brought together and published a collection of my short stories.

The right shorts for lunch is a collection of 26 short stories, most of which were originally published for Sticky Distro in Australia.  For this Kindle edition I have added more stories including a few tales written quite recently.

If you like snappy short-fiction with a lift (or a twist) in the tail and you're a fan of slightly irreverent humour then hopefully you'll enjoy this collection.  There is no one common theme running through the stories because I treated the creation of these tales as an experiment in mucking about with genres, but as with a lot of my fiction writing you will find a sprinkling of humour and romance throughout.

Click the link below to grab the book, or search your local Amazon website for 'The right shorts for lunch' and the book should pop up at the top of the results.


P.S Huge thanks to Steve Larder for the brilliant illustration on the cover.

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