Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ipswich bike thieves - read this or die.

To the thieves who just stole the lights from my bike there's something you need to know about the contents of the saddle bag you also stole.

The bag is worth a tenner new, that bag has been through two winters. It is far from new. 

The rear light was part of a set from a 99p shop. 

The puncture repair kit cost 99p and needs refilling with everything. The tyre levers are lethal, if you aren't careful they become sprung- loaded eye-gougers with the slightest amount of beefy use.

The inner two inner-tubes cost £1.98 each. They ain't great but they should get you home. Not sure how well they'll work on your Sports Direct BSO.

The multi-spanner thing in the bag is terrible. It came with a Raliegh MTB I bought when I was 14. If you get any use out of it you must have greater mechanical sympathy than I do. 

Those two silver canisters in the saddle bag might look like the nitrous-oxide 'laughing gas' you do with your mates but they are in fact Co2.  Huff them and you will die. 

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