Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beat Motel zine cover art gallery

Beat Motel was a zine that I published for a number of years and I was always quite proud of the fact I made a real effort with the cover art.  Well to be honest I figured out from the off that there are far more talented artists in the world than I, so here's a little gallery of all ten covers with credits given to the artists who created them.

by Jim of Horrorview

This cover was by a kid called Davey I met at a gig, I lost touch years ago (get in touch for a credit Davey!)

Art by Leif, currently of The Blackout Bombs

I took this photo, so I guess I get credit!

Art by Graham Mann, currently of The Fisticuffs, formerly of ZEEB?

Art by Jen of Cutting Clouds

Art by Fazu

Art by a chap called Danny from Indonesia, I can't remember the rest of his name!

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