Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Junk Culture tour diary - three days eight idiots - Day 3

Swindon - Megabowl
Sunday 21st March 2004
Best of Enemies
Second In Line
Junk Culture

As if we weren't dubious enough about playing in a bowling alley our doubts were confirmed when we were informed that tonight had been relabelled as a battle of the bands contest. We kill time by making the most of the free bowling on offer and I win my first ever game of anything, twice!

Jon attempts to exact revenge on Stuart by gassing half the room, sadly the only effect this has is to put me off my packed lunch, revenge will be mine in the car though, there's a storm brewing,,, Who says lunchtime drinking is bad!

We play pretty well but none of us are taking it seriously and for some reason I spend the gap between each song laughing like a maniac. We weren't much more sensible when we were playing, with backing vocals being sung into disused cymbal stands and overly long stadium rock endings to all our songs. The compere had the most horrified look on his face that I think I've ever seen. After watching Second In Line with yet another bassist having a go we only hang around long enough to watch Stuart get electrocuted on an arcade machine before heading off assuming that Best of Enemies will win on account of the fact that they all have matching black haircuts or something. Nothing personal against them though.

After a brief kick about in the car park and a grazed knee we head back home to Ipswich feeling more than a little sad that this was our last wee tour with Kate. We also realised that we had slipped down the bill over the three days from headline on Friday to going on first in Swindon!

Bedtime - 1.30am
Chief Farter - Andrew (hurrah!)

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