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Ipswich Arts Centre - The Petition

The petition list below is archived from the Ipswich Arts Centre website, which is now closed.

John Skelt,
I really don't know where to start so I won't repeat what has been written 1000 times before. Ipswich needs a decent venue as Andrew articulates. A serious point being, we are no longer a serious place for bands to stop which has been a serious problem for best part of 25 years now. The number of Ipswich People I bump into at gigs in Norwich, London and future afield says it all. Support this campaign. I will.

Andrew Laws,
Let's get this discussion started properly; the need has been there for years!

Ilona Stretch,
YES! We definitely need an arts centre in Ipswich and I'm totally up for helping out however I can :).

Kevin Lock,

I cannot think of anything that would help the music scene more in Ipswich.

We needed a facility like this in the 80's.90's and we still do.There have been gallant campaigns for a venue for Ipswich (V.I.C)but to no avail. We are now a university town and should have a centre for creative arts & music.Stowmarket is ahead of Ipswich with the John Peel centre.Will we see a centre for Ipswich in our lifetime ???

David Booty,
An Ipswich Arts Centre is exactly what the local music scene needs!


Dale Russell,

Gareth Patch,
I think there is definitely a demand for a purpose-driven building in Ipswich, but it won’t survive on gigs alone. It needs to be cross-cultural and encompass a range of arts, not just music.

Darren Olley,
After several very long winded emails to book a certain Ipswich "venue" which is near the "Waterfront" for my band to play, I was in the end told that "oh sorry, we don't have a licence for dancing"! Was I being fobbed off because the band was going to be somewhat noisier than a choir or brass band? Who knows! The powers that be will tell you until they're blue in the face that Ipswich has more than enough places for people to enjoy entertainment, but (in my opinion) not the type of entertainment that most people are desperate for. I remember a time when I didn't have enough money to see every band I wanted to at what was then The Gaumont. I remember Lemmy's surprise at a Motorhead gig at The Regent, when security wouldn't let people stand up and dance. Ipswich needs a mid-sized venue which isn't afraid to book bands that people don't just sit down to and clap politely.

Mark Parker,
I do a couple of trips a month to Norfolk, Cambridge or Colchester to see bands and comedians. I'd be a regular customer at a mid-sized venue in Ipswich, spending my money supporting local talent, local jobs as well as raising the town's profile across the regions and the country.

A nice medium size venue would be ideal to cater for music fans who are currently missing out on a lot of good acts due to no medium size venue in Ipswich

We need this so badly!!!

Dominic Cattermole,
Long overdue in the town. This would open up many new and interesting avenues towards the town. As yet uncatered for. Ipswich, sadly, has been missing out for years.

Hannah Scott,

James Booty,

Lisa Hinton,
The need for a live venue in Ipswich is long overdue. It works in Colchester so why not here?? Anything that brings money into the town must be a good thing.

Nigel Ball,

Simon finbow,

Mark Aaron,
With a growing land enthusiastiv live music scene in the UK, Ipswich is missing out on the cultural and financial benefit of having a thriving venue for live music.

William Sarginson,

Thomas Coleman,
I'm on board, sounds like a superb idea.

Martin Briggs,


Ed Barnes,
Anything I can do to help, just say the word. The town is desperate for this.

Matt brideburger,
This would be good for any shoegazing, drone and noise rock act so Please support we really need this in ippo : )

Gemma Grayston,

Daniel Lee Harvey,

Gary Abbott,

Davin Cattermole,

Tom Haxell,
Ipswich has a bad reputation in the media and is often seen as somewhere for touring bands to avoid completely – even filler dates are usually disregarded.
At the moment there are thousands more bands and artists than there are avenues for them to perform – whether that be record companies, booking agents or venues. Ipswich needs a good recognised venue to put it on the touring map. This WILL raise the “media’s” opinion of the town and increase local trade in nearby pubs and restaurants. There is no reason why an arts centre couldn’t work and is what Ipswich has been crying out for for years.

ben howells,

Ian \'Trainy\' Bareham,
It would be great get a Arts Centre where Ipswich vibrant and different scenes could benefit from. Look at the draw of Ipswich Music Day. Help with Monday Night Madness at Steamboat last year show how diverse and varied the talent is in this town with the different scenes genre. We need to nuture and support all these strands and get Ipswich on the tour band map.

Marcus Sutton,

jess stewart,
ipswich is crying out for a art center. lets make it happen!

Rayon Nelson,
Yes, I do believe and support the need of an art centre in ipswich. It would make such a difference and will bring attention to local talent in the town it self.

Jonathan Wright,
There was a time that people used to come to Ipswich because of it's buzzing evening atmosphere. That has since disappeared. Having an arts centre would help take Ipswich back to its former heights!

owen williams,
definitely need to have a venue like this! in a band based in Stowmarket (serious delirium) and would love to have something like this

Amelia Williams,


Bob Bowers,
The fans and the passion are there but this town has needed a venue forever! Local supports and bigger bands. How could you disagree with this?

Amo Ehlert,
We need a decent venue in Ipswich. Pubs are great; but having to travel to Norwhich/ Colchester/London to see better bands becomes a chore. I'll support this all the way through.

I think people need to invest in somthing fun.Music and arts can devide opinion but also bring people together a bit like sport i spose but much more interesting in my opinion.So yeah I am totaly behind the campaign...

Stuart Gough,
I currently have 1 ticket for Colchester AC, 1 for The Apex in Bury St. Edmunds and two for Norwich AC. I have lived in Ipswich for eleven years and despair at the lack of such a facility in this town as those named above. Peppery have been promoting gigs in Ipswich for most of my eleven years and I have been to many of their gigs at the Manor Ballroom and a couple at the New Wolsey; this is about as near to what I am looking for, but a long way from the standard of Norwich AC, which hosts a high calibre of artists on a frequent basis, they currently have more on their schedule that interest me than I can afford. Even a small town like Halesworth has a fantastic and thriving venue in The Cut. I hope Ipswich manages to develop and support an Arts Centre before I get too old for gigs. How old is that? I've been going to live gigs since 1980 and don't feel like stopping any time soon.

Frances Nicholls,

Peter Hepworth,

Sue Hayes,

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