Friday, August 09, 2013

How to stop getting punctures on your bike

Punctures were starting to take the enjoyment out of my cycling until I found out how to stop getting punctures.  I had a job on an industrial estate and had to cycle past a windscreen repair place that always had a skip full of glass outside; I hated cycling past that skip and hearing the hisssssss of a new puncture.  The roads and cycle paths between my house and work seemed littered with thousands of puncture hazards.  At worst I was getting five punctures a week - I was getting a puncture nearly 50% of the time I rode my bike!  I'd had enough.  Then a friend gave me the answer.

Prevent punctures on your bike.

The answer is a tyre, a tyre called a Schwalbe Marathon Plus.  These tyres are 'armoured' with a thick layer of kevlar protection, and as soon as I fitted these tyres the punctures stopped.  Well they almost stopped, I still get the occasional puncture, but now if I do get a puncture it's a massive nail or something that would stop anything, rather then punctures being caused by EVERYTHING I RIDE OVER.

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