Monday, July 15, 2013

Microsoft Natural keyboard FOR SALE

Since 'going Mac' I have no use for this MS Natural keyboard. If you've used one of these keyboards before you'll know that they really are the Rolls Royce of human interfaces. 

A few of the letters are missing, which sadly is common with all natural keyboards, but if you've used a natural keyboard you'll be aware that this really doesn't matter. I used this keyboard for about two years and am obsessively clean when working at a computer. 

If you haven't used an MS Natural keyboard then I can summarise by saying that this keyboard might look weird but you'll get used to it really quickly and the massive upside is that you'll hugely increase your typing speed and mitigate any risk of RSI. 

These keyboards retail at around £50 new, but £20 and this is yours, I'll pay the postage. 

UPDATE - this has now sold. 

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