Monday, July 22, 2013

Hanging bicycle storage

A few friends have asked me how I hang my bicycles to store them. My bikes hang  in the passageway between my house and the neighbour's house, so they're secure (we have a lockable gate) and they're out of the weather.

One of the bikes hangs on a purpose built bicycle hanger which cost about £12 and the other hangs on two ladder storage hooks bought from a DIY store for about £4 each. In my opinion it's worth spending a few quid more and getting the purpose build hanger, that being said the ladder hooks provide a useful place to store my track pump. 

My 'good' road bike gets the luxury of being on the purpose-built bike hanger.  The bike in the background belongs to singer-songwriter Tom Sanderson (a.k.a my mate Tom, a.k.a my neighbour Tom).
The hanger is hinged, for reasons I've never figured out
My singlespeed bike hangs on a couple of ladder hooks.  The carpet is fixed to the wall to stop the pedals damaging the bricks - because the hooks don't hold the bike in a specific position (like the purpose-built hanger) the bike has a tendency to wang around a bit (technically speaking).
I have put a bit of gaffa tape on the left-hand hook to provide the bike frame a bit of extra protection.

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