Sunday, June 23, 2013

FOR SALE Micralite Toro Stroller and Carrycot

Micralite Toro Stroller and carrycot.

Now that our delightful daughter is big enough to bring proper terror to the world using her own two feet we no longer require the nice buggy that used to restrain her from shoving old ladies and investigating dog 'eggs' she finds on pavements.

We bought this robust 'system' because it easily converts from carrycot to buggy.  There is also a child's car seat that clips onto this 'system' but we've lent that to some friends.  When I say this buggy is easy to use I'm not referring to how easy it is for pushing (it goes as fast or slow as a sleep-deprived parent needs to go) I'm talking about how easily this buggy folds and unfolds.  Even I can manage it without trapping any part of my anatomy in it, which is a feat I'm yet to manage with most of our garden tools.  I digress...

If you buy this buggy system you get the stroller / frame 'system', the buggy part of the system and an immaculate carry cot.  The carry cot was never used.  You'll also get the little hand pump and Allen key that came with the buggy.  We also have the instructions.

As you can see from the photos there is also a pretty comprehensive rain cover, so if you buy this system you'll be perfectly set for the summer.  Well actually if the heavens open you'll still look like you've run through a faulty car wash stuck on the 'muddy tractor' setting, but your offspring will be nice and dry.

This is not a cheap insubstantial buggy system; this Micralite Toro stroller and carrycot retails at £500.  Seriously; this stroller system is worth more than our car!

£150 and it's yours.  If you live reasonably near Ipswich I'll deliver it for free.

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