Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adnams Clump Sagin Rye IPA

When I first read that Adnams were continuing the rapid and adventurous expansion of their range with some craft beers I thought to myself, 'ooh, what a slice of the Brewdog pie do ya?'.   Then I smiled, because my god do I love ALL the Brewdog beers, so the idea of what is effectively my local brewery cranking out some Brewdog style beers is very appealing.

This oddly monikered 'Clump Sagin' IPA is extremely bitter, with gloriously grapefruit lip-tingling after taste.  I have supped many robust IPAs like Clump Sagin in the past but they often seem to fall back on higher alcohol content to zang that zing - Adnams appear to have taken the more adventurous path of keeping the alcohol percentage a relatively low (genre-speaking) 5%.   While I adore the palate-attack of brutal IPAs like Brewdog Hardcore IPA my head does not.

Clump Sagin is certainly not a session-ale, but if the rest of the new range of Adnams adventurous ales  are as nice to sip as this ale I await them with the thirst of a thousand deserts.

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P.S I can also heartily recommend Adnams gin, it's so nice I drink it neat.

P.P.S I'm on the waiting list for the Adnams whisky; oh boy! 

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