Saturday, May 04, 2013

Thrashing my thighs for charity - sponsorship needed!

On the 4th of September 2011 I was sat in a delivery suite in the maternity block of Ipswich hospital being given the news that my unborn child was potentially loosing oxygen, and my poor beautiful wife's life was potentially in grave danger.

The story had a happy ending and I will be eternally grateful for all the hard work and expertise of the medical staff who cared for my wife and daughter in those difficult first few days and hours of our life as a family.

I can never adequately repay the gratitude I feel, but I can do something to try and raise some money to help a relevant charity. On Sunday 12th May 2013 I will be riding over 100 miles to raise money for Action Research. It will hurt.

Please visit to find out about this charity, and to sponsor me :)

UPDATE 13/05/13

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