Sunday, April 14, 2013

Feisty Fens Fun

This is a report for an informal forum ride.

It was a tad windy today, but we didn't let that force us to focus on anything minor like heading in the right direction. After ten miles we eventually found roughly the direction to head in, but unfortunately the correct direction was head first into 47mph gusts. After a gruelling slog next to a rowing lake we stopped, took stock and thought long and hard about whether to continue. The promise of cake was just about enough motivation to struggle on, and a very tight three person peleton got us to the promised land of cake and tasty beverages (a.k.a Elton Hall).

The route back to Peterborough was mostly downhill and entirely powered by out former foe, the brutal headwind.

One of our number (TheDoctor) headed home via Peterborough Station and my new mate Marshmallow_Fluff and I headed off in search of the extra ten miles she needed before heading home to round up to a Metric century.

In the interests of experiencing everything the weather could throw at us we added experience of side winds to our earlier adventures with head and tailwinds. We headed out past the Key Theatre and along the river path to a town called Whittlesea, passed a man with a very strange grin indeed.

Time was running out for Miss Fluff to catch her train so we biffed back along the opposite bank of the river, pausing only for a quick bit of bike fitting advice, a quick bit of advice that sadly caused Marshmallow_Fluff to miss her train. We saw the man with the strange smile again, but he appeared to have mislaid it when I showed him my homage to his odd expression.

A very fine day with cheerfully adventurous company.

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