Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My snooty sixth form application

I just stumbled upon a folder I'd forgotten about on a memory stick that I carry at all times (but never use).  In said folder is the letter that I sent to the head of six form at my high school.  I failed ALL my GCSEs so spent a year at sixth form scraping a couple together while also doing a vocational CPVE course in 'caring'.

Reading this letter back made me laugh out loud; I don't remember being such a snooty or aloof teenager but perhaps I was!  I think it's somewhat hilarious that I was quoting what appears to be entirely fictional latin in this application and somewhat shameful that I dismissed my classmates so readily.  And as for A-level biology echoing my out of school interests, well aren't all teenage boys wholly focussed on biology, or at least female anatomy?

For the record it was made clear that I wasn't welcome to stay in sixth form to experience 'feeling A-levels'.  The Mrs. Hart mentioned is one of my retrospective heroes - she told my parents that the school system was horribly suffocating my development!  Awesome.  I did go to Suffolk College to study a course that would have resulted in me training as a nurse, and it was probably the best thing that could have happened to my development, not least because while at Suffolk College I met some of my dearest friends, and my wife!

Dear Mr.________
I am writing to you to confirm my hopeful entry into the Sixth Form (term starting September 1993)  Both my parents and Mrs.Hart are behind me concerning the application that I put forward at the beginning of this year although my choice of subjects may well be changed.  My current choice would be Biology and perhaps English but as I have mentioned above my second choice could well change in the future. 
One of my several reasons for choosing the Sixth Form to further my education is that as I am still unsure about which career to pursue I am adopting a 'Vatianole' attitude, ie education for education's sake in two subjects that I enjoy and have great interest in as far as my out off school hobbies are concerned.  I hope to be accepted into this sixth form and I am trying to prove that I am able to work as I hope my recent minor review shows.
I have greatly enjoyed my CPVE course that I have taken part in over the last year but with out wishing to sound rude I am now realising that I am perhaps more able than some of my classmates and I feel that A-levels will enable me to perform to my true potential.

I have also applied to Suffolk College but this is very much my second choice.    
Yours sincerely,


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