Monday, February 11, 2013

How to schedule emails in Gmail

Gmail is fast becoming de rigueur for business emails, and as I'm sure the vast majority of Gmail users would agree this is a good thing for the whole of humanity.  Features like conversation strings, message labels and many of the wonderful Gmail Labs tools make using Gmail a lot more time efficient and logical than 'installed' email software packages like Microsoft Outlook.  However, one feature that a lot of Outlook users find useful is the ability to write an email and then schedule it to be sent at a later time and date.  Pop3 Outlook users need to ensure that their computer is left on (with Outlook left open) in order for their scheduled emails to send, but in principle sending scheduled emails in Outlook is very simple indeed.

Sending scheduled emails from Gmail.

Whereas a standard installation of Outlook can quite easily allow the user to schedule an email, the 'basic' Gmail application cannot.  In order to enable the ability to write and email now and have it send later you need a browser plugin.  If you're using FireFox or Google Chrome you may well already be using browser plugins whether you realise it or not.  They are painless, and very useful indeed.

To send scheduled emails from Gmail you need to grab a hold of the Boomerang plugin, which you can do easy peasy lemon squeezy by clicking HERE...

Once you have downloaded the Boomerang plugin you'll see a new button appear next to the 'send' button when writing an email in Gmail, the new button is labelled 'send later' and has a wee picture of a boomerang on it.  This button allows you to schedule when you want the message to be sent.

That's all there is to scheduling emails in Gmail, simple huh!

Click here to get Boomerang for Gmail...

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