Monday, February 11, 2013

How to get email reminders if someone doesn't reply to your email.

I have mentioned how marvellous I think Boomerang for Gmail is in previous posts, but I hadn't (until now) mentioned my favourite feature...

Get a reminder if your email doesn't get a response.

Boomerang has the very delicious ability to bring emails back to the top of your inbox if you don't hear back from the respondent within a set amount of time.  Before hitting the 'send' button (or indeed the 'send later' button) pop a tick in the new checkbox that appears (after you install Boomerang) between the subject line and the formatting section.  There are additional options you can set using the drop down boxes to set when the email should float back to the top of your inbox, and whether you want reminding even if you do get a response or not.

This 'email reminder service' has saved me an incredible amount of time in my working day - now if I want to make sure I get a follow up from an email I no longer need to make a note elsewhere (like in my calendar), I just Boomerang the message!

Get Boomerang for Gmail (for free!)...

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