Friday, January 25, 2013

Managing multiple Wordpress sites - the easy way to update plugins!

Wordpress is arguably the one CMS that continues to lead the way for flexible website building and development.  The basic install of Wordpress is pretty special on its own, but the real power and flexibility comes from the many thousands of plugins that can add marvellous functionality to your websites.  But with that flexibility comes a great responsibility...

Updating Wordpress plugins across multiple sites and domains.
Due to the collaborative way that Wordpress is developed it tends to require a lot of updates.  These updates (mostly for plugins) aren't difficult to install, but if like a lot of web professionals you use a common set of plugins for all your installs then you invariably find yourself spending an awful lot of time keeping your plugins up to date.  Instead of visiting one website to run one update you find yourself logging in and out of many websites, which is time consuming and very dull.

When an update to a Wordpress plugin is released it is dangerous to ignore it - quite often updates tighten or seal security holes.

The easy way to keep all your Wordpress plugins up to date is to use the ManageWP service.  Creating a free account on the ManageWP site puts the information from all your Wordpress installations in one place.  I primarily use the service to keep plugins up to date but there is a LOT more management functionality on offer.

A free account allows you to add ten websites to your management dashboard, if you want to add extra sites you need to put your hand into your wallet.  Adding sites is as easy as installing the ManageWP 'worker' plugin.  As a precaution I still download the old version of a plugin from one of my sites (using FTP) before hitting the magical 'update all' button on the ManageWP dashboard, but so far I've not had to downdate* any plugins after using this service to update multiple sites.

To find out more click the graphic below, or go to

*might not be a real word

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