Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Making real coffee without a filter cup, cone or cafetiere

The 'coffee' where I work is terrible, in fact I'm not sure it should legally be called coffee because it's that awful instant muck that for some unexplainable reason British people think is coffee.  They are wrong.  Instant coffee is bitter bile and I haven't drunk it for at least fifteen years.  Instant coffee can 'do one'.

I can see why folk choose to drink instant coffee, but the only reason I can see is that it is less hassle to prepare, which is a sad argument.  Deciding to drink instant coffee because it is easy to make would be like choosing to sleep on the floor because it's less effort than making the bed.

But it is undeniable that preparing real coffee can require more apparatus, so for the last year or so I've been making up a nice big brew first thing in the morning and taking a big flask to work.  This plan had a few drawbacks; most notably the requirement to have a heavy flask in my rucksack when cycling to work, and the sad fact that I'd run out of coffee before properly waking up (around 11am).  My morning routine is timed down to the nearest minute so sitting around making coffee was sometimes unhelpful in my efforts to get to work on time.

So I wanted proper coffee at work, but I didn't want to have to wash up a cone filter, cafetiere or one of those neato combined reusable filter cups.  I also needed a system that would neatly deal with the problem of disposing of coffee grounds without filling the canteen bin with black liquid.

How to make coffee without a cafetiere.

The solution was to buy some little paper filters that are supported inside the cup, the idea being that I can make my coffee and then dispose of the wee paper filter.  I took the plan a step further by rigging up a way of leaving the filter to drip every last drop of goodness into my cup, therefore ensuring the filter and coffee grounds are as dry as possible when going in the bin by my desk.  Click the link below to find the product on Amazon.

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