Wednesday, January 09, 2013

How to waterproof jeans for comfy cycle commuting?

As discussed elsewhere I have utterly failed to buy some Levi's Commuter jeans, even although my dear old mum has given me some cash for them.  The commuter jeans appeal because of their alleged water and road-chud repellent coating.

My commute is only three miles so I can't be doing with wearing bibtights, and I have nowhere to get changed at work other than a toilet that smells so bad I can only assume the extractor fan is set to reverse and is pumping in rank odours from the bowels of the local Victorian sewerage network.

I usually wear Wrangler Texas Stretch jeans and they've got enough lycra in them to make them pretty darn tootin' comfy for a few miles in the ole saddle.  Sorry; that was an attempt at a Texan accent.  Hmm, Texan bars, remember them?  Back to the point...

As Levi's Commuter Jeans appear to be harder to buy than hens' teeth I figure I'll fetch a pair of old faithful Texas Stretch and waterproof them myself.  I've been looking at a product called 'Nikwax Cotton Proof Wash-in waterproofing for cotton'.  Has anyone used this?  Can anyone recommend a better product. 

Clothing that I have waterproofed in the past has added a certain stiffness to the garment, and that's something I really want to avoid.

Things are getting a bit desperate because I only own two pairs of jeans and this morning the older pair was declared unfit to wear in public by my wife, due to the fact I've worn the crotch out.  I suggested bridging the groin gap with a roundel patch, but apparently that would be uncouth.

Update - 11/01/13
Trying to buy a pair of Levi's commuter jeans was turning into a mission akin to painting the Forth bridge so I gave up.  Instead I have bought another pair of Wrangler Texas Stretch jeans and will cycle to work in cheap lycra leggings that will dry out quickly even if they do get soaked.


  1. Anonymous9:49 am

    I'm wearing a pair of crotch-repaired jeans right now and I'm very couth.

  2. Good to know, did you go for a funky crotch patch design?