Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dear Knog, it's over, I can't live with you anymore.

Dear Knog,

I'm sorry but we're finished. This morning I found something I hoped I wouldn't see again, a snapped rear light laying on the ground under my road bike, and it's the final straw, I gave you one more chance and you blew it.

I remember when I first started to notice you about town, on other folks' bikes, you gave me a cheeky wink and I had to find out more. I asked some friends about you and they said you were pretty cool; a new way of fixing lights to bikes, small, efficient and unobtrusive. I'd grown jaded with the enormous 'Ever Ready' types lights I'd had in the past, in my youth, and I was ready to try a new relationship.

I bought my first pair of Knog lights at my local Halfords and we had a wonderful honeymoon period together, but after a couple of weeks the front light stopped working. These things happen, and all relationships have a few bumps in the road early on, but when I spoke to Knog HQ they wouldn't help me without my purchase receipt. What did they think I'd bought? Faulty lights from a different bicycle light manufacturer, also called Knog?

I like to try and see the best in everyone, so went out and bought another set of Knog lights, but within a few months both had snapped; the tubes on my Single Speed bike are quite broad, so i must admit I did blame myself.

A loved one gave me another set of Knogs as a birthday present so I put them on my road bike, a bike with nice narrow tubes. Things were great for a while, and I thought that maybe you had changed, but a few weeks later the red Knog light on my helmet snapped off. This was only the start of our problems.

Out of seven Knog lights I have only one still works in the way intended. I wanted you to meet my MTB one day, but now that won't happen.

It was fun while it lasted, but it just didn't last very long.

I'm sorry you had to find out this way, but I just can't be with someone I can't trust. I've started seeing someone else, now I'm with a Cree L.E.D light that treats me right, and cost me half what you did.

I hope you find your feet and develop into a proud reliable product, and who knows, maybe we'll meet again in the future, in happier times, and maybe you'll earn my trust again.


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  1. Hi Andrew,

    Sean here from Knog. You may have seen my reply to your 'Dear Knog...' post on the Cycle Chat forum.

    I would just like to say sorry for the experience you have had with your Knog lights. All Knog products do come with a 2-year warranty, so any issues that you may have can be easily resolved through contacting Knog directly, and a replacement sent to you. Apologies if this was not communicated during email correspondence (contact:

    We are constantly looking at improving Knog products and correcting faults with previous models and batches. Therefore we have recently (2011-2012) rectified the battery drainage issue in the strobes and boomers as well as correcting the switch functionality problems.

    If you do have any further issues then please let us know as we are happy to help.