Monday, December 17, 2012

Why you need to create Twitter lists.

Twitter isn't like most other social media in that it just sort of 'happens' whether you're looking at it or not. The stream of posts is constant, and the more people you follow the more posts there will be in your stream.

When you're new to Twitter the temptation is to follow everyone who looks interesting, and that's fine, it really is, but after a few days you'll notice that the dizzying number of tweets on your phone (because Twitter is best read on a smartphone) is a little bit much to take in. This is where Twitter lists come into play:

Why create a Twitter list?
Creating a list on Twitter allows you to place the folk you choose into one place, a group if you will, or if you really want to push the birdie analogy then a 'nest'. Big deal huh? Why would you want to do this?

Here's one of the ways I use Twitter lists.
My family and close friends Twitter list. I have placed my family members and a few close friends on a list, this means that when I view this list on my phone, ipad or whatever I only see the tweets made my the people on that list; tweets that would normally be lost in the onslaught of other Twitter twuffery*.   
Toms_Murder_Mystery_Birthday-November 20, 2010-_ASL6080-Edit
*twuffery might not be a real word

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