Wednesday, December 12, 2012

GIANT UK are looking for real riders!

So.. GIANT UK are looking for people to test their gear, each of these 'Real Riders' will receive a different bit of Giant kit each month in exchange for blogging a review and being featured on the Giant Facebook and Twitter streams.

I'm up for being one of the Real Riders - I cycle around 400 miles a month, mostly on the road (but I'm itching to get back off-road).  I currently ride a Road Bike, a Single Speed and own the remains of an MTB.  The majority of my miles are around the lovely Suffolk countryside with a friend or two, preferably in fine weather but invariably in foul weather.

I started chewing up the miles in earnest early in 2012, partly to loose weight and increase my fitness, but primarily because I like whizzing about on two wheels.

So why should GIANT UK choose me as a tester?  Well I've been writing and reviewing products (mostly music releases) for many years so I have some semi-literate experience and a proven track record of meeting writing deadlines.  I'm also quite verbose when I like something, which is a fancy pants way of saying if something gets me excited I'll tell the world about it.  Apart from anything else I really love writing about cycling on (my blog at gets around 4,500 page views a month) and the idea of reaching a wider audience is very appealing.

I'm 36 years old and have recently become a parent, so I am interested in exploring ways to include my daughter in my cycling adventures - the wee girl currently has a toddle bike and has 90% grasped the concept, and when she starts sitting on the saddle facing the correct way then there will be no stopping us!

Copenhagen_Denmark--_ASL8097_August 14, 2009
That's not me in this photo; I've never had a pony tail.
If you're interested in becoming a tester for GIANT UK wander over to their FaceBook page here -  or whip them a tweet at

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