Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Diagram showing every ride I've done this year (so far!)

I'll admit right away that this blog post is most likely only really of interest to me, but hey, if bloggers pandered to their audience the world would be a pretty dull place!

So far this year I have cycled 2,536 miles* and being a total stat-geek and a self-confessed cartographile I was giddy with glee when I found a way to display all my bike rides on one map.  I've left a few bike rides I did while away from home off these maps as they caused the map to zoom out a bit far.

I live in Ipswich, so naturally my rides are all very Ippo-centric.  I grew up in Wickham Market, maybe that's why I tend to gravitate towards Wickham Market on my rides?
I have included this map because it shows my coverage of local rides in a bit more detail.
This is my favourite map; I'm all over the roads of Ipswich like a rash!  Maybe next year my target should be to ride every road in Ipswich?

*Tracked by a combination of my Holux GPS and Endomondo / Strava on a smartphone.

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