Thursday, September 20, 2012

GPS Comparison - Samsung Galaxy S Android Smartphone Vs Holux GPSport 245

Android smartphones and iPhones are increasingly being used by cyclists and and runners to track their rides and workouts, so you might be wondering why owners of GPS enabled cellphones go to the trouble of using a secondary dedicated GPS device.  One advantage (and I can only give the cyclists' perspective here) is that a dedicated GPS device can be handlebar mounted, making it easy to watch your speed and progress, of course you can mount your phone on your handlebars but do you really want to?  Honestly?  Really?  But there's an even bigger advantage to investing in a dedicated GPS tracker device.

So I had this big long detailed blog post planned out, but when I ran the comparison test and saw the map data (below) I figure that the results speak for themselves.  The two devices used were a Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphone (so very expensive when new) and a Holux GPSport 245 (which was the cheapest GPS device on the market when new).  As a caveat I should add that GPS tracking on smartphones has improved a bit, but I think we've got some way to go until they're as accurate as devices designed for solely tracking our movements.

Why does GPS accuracy matter?
Accurate tracking is crucial to generating useful and reliable training data... is what I'd say if I was actually fit or in training, but in reality I want my bike rides to be accurately tracked so that I can compare my cycling abilities to my friends on and Strava companion  My phone GPS is sometimes so ropey that I don't even show up as being on the same roads as other Strava users - more often than not I show up as not being on any roads at all!

GPS comparison
The tracking maps below were generated on a single bike ride; so the same bike, the same rider, the same distance, the same route, the same day, hour, minute (you get the idea).  The red line denotes the path I took according to the device tracking it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Phone call from Windows Online Support

[phone call from distant sounding Indian gentleman]

Is this a business number?
- why?

Because your windows have serious troubles.
- I've shut the window now, so I can hear you.

I am calling from Windows online support, we need to help you fix the serious troubles with widows
- like Scottish Widows?

I am calling to fix very serious problems with your Microsoft windows
- which version?

All versions
- really? From 3.1 through NT to Win7 and even server 2008?

Yes, why are you smiling? This is a serious problem.
- you can't see me can you?

This is a very serious problem, your computers are downloading very bad viruses.
- what do you want me to do?

We need to fix your computers
- what's wrong with them? TCP-IP issues? Are there packet buffer overflow issues?

... mumbling...
- I can continue to speak to you but I will have to report what we do to my friends at the Metropoliton Police central e-crime unit

Can I speak to your boss please?
- I am the IT manager, you can speak to me.

You are IT manager? Then you know you have problems.
- how do you know what computers we have if you didn't know if this was a business number?

We only get given numbers
- I can't be bothered with this any more

[call terminated]