Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Slitter? What? Don't sell with product photos!

The company for which I am Sales and Marketing Manager builds slitter machines.  This is a statement I make fully aware of the fact that almost all people reading this blog post won’t know what a slitter rewinder is, which is a fact that goes someway to illustrating the point I am about to make...

Good stock images are at their most useful when used to market a product that people don’t understand.  Here at Universal Converting Equipment we make large and complex machinery that some customers might not know they need until they fully understand the role the machines perform.  Therefore (for me particularly) the challenge is to start a dialog with a customer that will hopefully end in them buying one of our machines.  To gain this initial interest showing the potential customer a photo of one of the machines might not be the most beneficial way forward, instead I have to find a way of assuring the customer that we are the correct people to help them through the complex issue they wish to solve... and that’s where choosing good stock images comes into play.

By choosing a striking image that expresses a concept we can raise our brand above competitors who still focus their marketing on product photography alone.

It goes deeper than this; because if you’re selling a product that people are already familiar with - let’s use spoons as an example - then showing them an image of a spoon might not convince them that your spoon is the best for their needs; instead show an image that explains why your product will revolutionise their daily spooning.

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