Thursday, August 30, 2012 was originally started way back in 2001 by someone called Tom, then it was taken over by Ellis, and then Colin, then it changed its name to for a bit, and then back to, but nobody really gives a fup about that do they?  We’ve probably got our own history wrong anyway… became the place for misfits, braggarts, liars and fools to hang out and irritate the dripping shite out of each other.  Relationships were formed and destroyed on the forums and frequent raiding parties made their way over to rival site’s forums to spread filth and cast pointless aspersions.  We were all dickheads, but we knew we were dickheads and in fact we quite enjoyed being dickheads.   We were happy.

Then something called ‘social networking’ came along and blew our little world all to shit.  At the time we continued sticking two fingers up to ‘the man’, and sticking our fingers in our ears and going ‘la la la, can’t hear you’ but little by little our cute community dwindled until it became a small collection of freaks, and eventually was like a deserted borstal classroom.

So in 2009 we took a last shit in the toilet (leaving it un-flushed of course), tipped the full ashtray down the back of the tatty settee in the corner (where a certain user once clearly marked his territory) and left the
front door unlocked for the last time.

We still have the data from the old site and forum and we'd like to bring the old posts back into the cold indifference of a world that has significantly changed since we started, but we probably never will...

There is a group on FaceBook, which of course nobody cares about, but if you're feeling nostalgic for a good time that never existed then see here:

P.S The Punk News UK Twitter account lives on, a bit like a Zombie, but with good taste...

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