Thursday, August 16, 2012

FOR SALE - Claud Butler Dalesman road / touring bike.

I love this bike, in fact it was the first bike I truly loved, but needs must and  I have to sell it.  My wife thinks I have too many bikes, and as I've just built a single speed beast the 'one in, one out' rule is coming into affect.

I think this bike was built mid-70s, and I know the Claud Butler 'Dalesman' model is still made and costs over £1000 new.

The distance between the centre of the crank to the top of the seat tube is 60cm, but I think the frame size is more likely described as 23".  I'm 6 foot(ish) tall and there is plenty of adjustment to be had for shorter or taller riders.

This was the bike that got me into road cycling after years of panting and sweating around on a heavy old mountain bike, incidentally this bike only weight 11.5kgs, which is is very light!  I regularly hammer past people far younger than I am who are riding very expensive carbon bikes!

If you're wondering what a touring bike is, then think of a classic racer, add slightly wider tyres and fixings for panniers and mudguards and you've got a touring bike.  The geometry is also designed for comfort - I've done 100 mile rides on this bike and still been able to make my way comfortably around a pub at the end of it.

The tyres are very high quality Schwalbe Marathons, one is very new and the other has years left on it.

There are a few scrapes, but nothing more than any other bike that is over thirty years old.  When it comes down to it this is a well maintained, surprisingly fast comfortable high quality bicycle.  I will warn you though, if this is going to be your first foray into road cycling you WILL get hooked!

This bike has been lovingly maintained and the chain / gears have been cleaned and lubricated every week for a very long time indeed.

I have recently added a very nice Charge Spoon saddle to this bike, but if you're after something comfier I still have the old padded seat!

There are a LOT more photos of this bike over on THIS BLOG POST  (I took these photos after a long bike ride, so you're see the bike uncleaned).

The price is £175, please contact me through

P.S if you're into vintage fixies then this bike is ripe for conversion!

P.P.S this bike is SOLD


  1. Anonymous5:10 pm

    You just built your own SS, but are incapable of measuring the size of a bike. Congrats.

  2. The world is indeed a confusing place at times.