Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Ugly Truth About Ipswich

The Ugly Truth About Ipswich is a compilation album that my record label (CornDog Records) put out in conjunction with local heroes Antigen Records. I raised the money for this album with a LOT of help from fellow ZEEBer Graham Mann - we organised a ton of gigs and a hilarious inter-band football tournament (a nod also needs to be given to Marc Newby/ Aflightoremember who also organised a fundraiser all-dayer) and then when the considerable amount of money required to put out an album properly was sat in the pot we did nothing...

...Noting for a few years anyway, because we realised there was a whole load of licencing issues involved in putting an album that would cover the last thirty years of Ipswich music. That’s when Jason and Roki of Antigen Records politely tapped us on the shoulder and offered to do all the complex stuff we’re crap at.

So here is, and for just £1 you can buy a copy of The Ugly Truth About Ipswich in most good shops or direct from Antigen records.

The ugly details...
antigen 41 / Corn 017 Various Artists - The Ugly Truth About Ipswich

Release date: 23/4/11
Format: double CD
Edition: 1000
Duration: 2:33:50

Track listing: CD A
1.Nik Kershaw - All About You
2.elephant - Kick
3.Henry Homesweet - Toaster
4.The Waxing Captors - Bringing the Beatles Back to Hamburg
5.Versions - Seven
6.Ideals - Love Song
7.Life & Times Of - Ballet
8.Jack Rundell - You Treat Me Like a Businessman
9.The B. Goodes - Sleep So Soundly
10.Rosalita - Manga Girl
11.Underline The Sky - Katie
12.Charlie Brown - Hooray For Snakes
13.Violent Playground - Paranoia
14.Bring Back Her Head - Magpie
15.Hex Minora - Engine of Correction
16.Earth Mother Fucker - I Fuck Therefore I Am
17.Pindown - Flea Circus
18.Tender Lugers - Junkie Fag Hag
19.Jah Warriors - Bad Vibes
20.BangStick - I Got Nothing
21.These Are End Times - End Times (We Are All Condemned)

Track listing: CD 1
1.The Adicts - Songs of Praise
2.Extreme Noise Terror - Religion is Fear
3.Optimum Wound Profile - Pure Love
4.The Stupids - Drumshop Arsehole
5.Anihilated - A Cruel Twist of Fate
6.Raw Noise - Bronson
7.Blacktop Harrison - 37 Thoughts
8.Zeeb? - Amoeba Man
9.Red Flag 77 - Hard Men
10.Chocolate - Customer
11.Big Ray - Duckpin
12.Elmerhassel - Almost At One
13.Panorama In Black - City of Dreams
14.As Is - Love is Here
15.Bleach - Burn
16.Lovejunk - Inside Out
17.Perfect Daze - Bubblegum
18.Junk Culture - Keep Smiling
19.WhiteSlug - Corned Beef Sex Monster
20.Big In Albania - Shewolves Ov London
21.Cats Against The Bomb - Nerys Hughes Vs The Time Tunnel
22.Danger's Close - Denial
23.Space Maggots - You Drag Me Down
24.The Ballistics - Long Time Dead

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