Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lost in words - a Beat Motel special edition

Cover illustration by Mr. Millerchip
The glorious 'Sticky Institute' (a.k.a. Sticky Distro) in Australia put out a call to zinesters they have stocked asking them to make a special edition zine to raise some cash to keep their doors open.  There really is nothing like Sticky in the UK (certainly not that I know of) so by my reckoning it ought to be supported by anyone who has ever read or created a zine.  Although my zine Beat Motel hasn't done much recently I decided to flog its good name for any remaining good will that might be lurking and have created a (sort of) special edition.

Whereas Beat Motel was traditionally a home for music, daft band interviews, columnists and toilet humour the special edition is a collection of (very) short bits of fiction by yours truely, with a few other contributions chucked in to queer the quality curve.

Twenty Five copies of 'Lost in words' were printed and posted to Sticky to flog at a big zine event they were reprazenting, but due to the gloriously odd economics of zine printing I printed a few extra (not many mind) and if you're quick enough with your mouse and your typing digits you can buy one of these extra special Beat Motel editions.

This story zine contains the following stories

  • Compulsory random life obsolescence
  • Dig for Victor
  • Duck stuck in fence
  • Football and machismo turned to my advantage, finally!
  • Malcolm’s rest
  • The curious case of the late night knocker
  • The jumping, scratching, dog squirt story
  • The feet with a thousand followers
  • Ask your body
  • Crossing paths
  • It wasn’t pink
  • Time to think by Jason Last
  • Possible proposition outside Aldgate Underground Station
  • The curious incident of the black ties and the fake taxi
  • Debt to Music by Jenny May
  • DUI by Rich Rurshell

Buy Lost in Words story zine

Prices (postage is FREE)
UK £2
Europe £3
USA/ Australia/ Wordwide (£4)

Where do you live?


  1. not even a crowbar could keep me away!

    I must remember to get them zineses posted to you too! Been hectic times recently, though I'm sure not a patch on your recent busy-ness!

  2. "Andrew's Blog" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.