Friday, July 01, 2011

Web Care Takers - February 2002 to July 2011


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In 2002 (after a couple of years working as a network admin/ general IT consultant followed by two years working in London as a website controller) I decided to go it alone and started working for myself using Web Care Takers as my trading name.

Nearly ten years (and almost exactly 1000 invoices) later I have decided to take my career in an entirely new direction, and from 31st July 2011 Web Care Takers will cease operating.  I will no longer be working in the field of web/ IT/ photography.

I've had a great time running and have (mostly) relished the incredibly hard work that Web Care Takers represented.  Some challenges have been harder to overcome than others (like being hacked, the government's ludicrous habit of charging sole-traders in advance for tax, and not least a railway system that made being on time for anything a frustratingly expensive impossibility), but on the whole I've got to admit that everyone I've dealt with has been wonderful.

So finally I'd like to say an incredibly large THANKS to those who matter, and you know who you are!

October 2002
September 2003
January 2006

February 2008
So long, and thanks for all the fish!

P.S My new role will be Sales and Marketing Manager for Universal Converting Equipment LTD, who make (among other things) very cool slitter rewinder machines.

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